Posted by Abby | October 20, 2014

Victoria has to be one of the hottest women we have had so far and on top of that she lets a steam go that ya would swear came from a high pressure hose! She says she likes to be fuck'd hard so we give her what she needs to explode again and again and again! Don't miss this episode! See full-length episode at squirthunter.com.

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Kyra and Roxy start things out with some playful fondling and rubbing each other down with oil before Lauro joins the fun. Lauro fucks Roxy's gazonkas and then gives each vixen a excellent skull-fucking. Finally, Lauro hammers Roxy's poop-chute nice and hard before delivering a creamy finish that youu have to see to believe! See full-length episode at extremebabes.com.

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Andy and Tania start off licking and sucking each others juggs, making their pussies wet with anticipation. Cumming to join in the fun are Stracy and Carrie making this toy fucking, clit licking orgy an orgasmic experience ya'll never forget. See full-length episode at allgirlmobile.com.

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Pretty As A Sunrise

Pretty As A Sunrise

The beauty of the tropics is meaningless next to the beauty and voluptuousity of Taylor Steele. Her wild sex appeal is off the charts. The question is: Does the nation of Canada deserve Taylor Steele? Or do they take her for granted? SCORE has tirelessly worked hard to bring Taylor to the world for the gratification of breast-lovers everywhere. The Canadians haven't even bought her lunch, not even once, or sent her a free bra. Wouldn't things be better if Taylor moved to Florida near SCORE headquarters. She wouldn't have to deal with those brutal Canadian winters either and freeze her nips. If William Shatner can move to the States and have a long career in entertainment, why can not Taylor? "She is outstanding at solo! Simply fascinating," comments Jeims. Jimbo writes, "Taylor has a sexy face and a bod to match, I always wanna see more of her, keep her cuming." Vince has a dream, "The day she does a hardcore scene is the day I call out of work." And Hari says, "I luv, luv, luv Taylor. can not wait for more of her!" SCORE guys have spoken.

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Attack of the Mamazons!

Attack of the Mamazons!

In the style of the cliffhanging serials of the 1940s, with the addition of 6 pairs of extremely large knockers and lots of hardcore intercourse, Mamazon is the story of a lost tribe of females in a forgotten jungle. Four Indiana Jones wanna-bees trek through this mysterious country in search of a mythical stone that has the legendary power to cause phenomenal breast growth. They discover that the legend is all too true when they stumble across this tribe of young, foxy, extremely busty females who live without dudes. The Mamazons are led by their cruel Queen (Alexis Silver), English by birth, who was abandoned in the jungle by her family. She now rules this litte band of buxom beauties. Her slave honey is Shyla diffident. The witch doctor of the tribe is Daylene Rio. Alia Janine and Rachel luve are guards, and Kali West is the tribe's ingénue. The dudes want the stone idol for the wealth they think it can bring if its power can be commercialized. Their boss, Doctor Jacobs, claims to be a researcher but he may not be what he pretends to be. The dudes are quickly captured by the cuties and imprisoned. But the females are curious about intercourse. Each of them will learn the way of the dick including the Queen and her slave in wicked screw encounters. Will the strangers survive sexing the Mamazons or will their fate at the hands of these savage bitches be a grim one? In Chapter One, the idol seekers discover the Mamazons going wicked in a lesbian orgy.

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Posted by Abby | September 24, 2014

Lance and Bucky hate making litte chat. They hate jimmy-tease gals who chat a outstanding game but fail to perform when it comes time to take care of their business. That means they are the wonderful duo to help youu find the kind of hardcore service whores your looking for! Maya is a tall, thin brunette with exceptional natural globes of joy and a desire to be degraded. Looks like she came to right place because they have her eating spunk out of a pet bowl!



Posted by Abby | September 19, 2014

Tiffany just had her cards read and we predict a slippery thrust log in her future. Join us as we envisage her tight clam dripping with pearls after a long ride in our famous Back Seat Banger SUV. See full-length episode at ipinkvisualpass.com.

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Posted by Abby | September 14, 2014

Teri is fucking hott Japanese lady who likes American dudes. She had never been with two dudes at the same time before but desired to attempt. So we shoved a couple pieces of meat in both of her holes for an all-out club sandwich!! See full-length episode at herfirstdp.com.

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Posted by Abby | September 09, 2014

Get yer hip waders kiddies because squirtin' hellcat Regan is ready to blow for u in this one! This tattooed beauty screwed her hott cunny on Jay's chubby red hot poker and almost took out the camm with the spooge deluge! Anyone got a mop? See full-length episode at pinkvisualpad.com.

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Posted by Abby | September 03, 2014

A quick dip in the pool Jacky thought she was just there to have a little relaxation, but we had another idea in mind...It's so easy to present a little money to get a nice piece of booty! cuties are so dough hungry its awesome how much of the pleasing hair pie we're getting! jealous? Check it out!! See full-length episode at cheerchix.com.

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Posted by Abby | August 30, 2014

She may not look like a million bucks but this farm gal had a 14 karat tushie that we HAD to sample! Watch as cowgirl Kella tries to rope these well endowed broncos before they dough that tushie! See full-length episode at pinkvisualpad.com.

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Posted by Abby | August 25, 2014

Fiery Dragon Lily was an exotic beauty that I couldn't take my eyes off of! After putting her at ease with some tiny chat she came home with me for a little one on one fun. I ate her raw and fuck'd her like the girlie she was! Nothing like an Asian delicacy to calm the beast with in! See full-length episode at justfacials.com.

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FTV’s Tenth Hardcore Update: One bonus update at the end of every Month.  Total First Timer FTV Exclusive Kate’s situation is an interesting one — she loves women and is gorgeous much a full lesbian — but desired to try males for a alter.  What an adventure!  First meeting up at the beach, we see how hot she is, and how perfectly foxy her bodie is (awesome bongos!).  So she is set up with a random dude at the beach, and giving him a B-J, but he has a hard time staying hard… and gets nervous and takes off!  So another day the week later, she meets up with another dude, a young ‘nerdy’ dude.  She gives him a B-J, rides him, and he ejaculates prematurely??  So another month goes by, and she’s looking for dudes again… this time its two males!  She blows them both, then take turns having sexx with her… even anal sexx!  Perhaps she is satisfied now… finally.  It was one wild 3 day project!



Posted by Abby | August 15, 2014

There are some beauties that do not require to have a damn thing to do with razors, waxing, or anything else when it comes to their cunts. Alyssa West knows that she is not going to mess around with that shit, so she makes sure to find dudes that appreciate her hairy cunt. First she presents off her humongous natural balloons, letting them hang and jiggle around. Then she goes ahead and presents off her gorgeous hairy cooche. She ends up in a hairy porn threesome between Alex Sao Paulo and Franco Lozand t-boning her until they ejaculate.



Posted by Abby | August 10, 2014

intense coochie eating stands out as one of the highlights in this explicit model-model aciton, but when they break out the intercourse toys it just keeps getting better and better. If ya're into hardcore strap on action this is the flick for ya -- this tramp works that plastic beef like a real pro, do not miss it!



Posted by Abby | August 05, 2014

Hung cocklord, Lee Stone comes home early to find that the babysitter his wifey hired is passed out freezing on the sofa. Wearing nary a stitch, save for an ultra-short skirt, Lee gently lifts it up for babysit porn a taboo peek at her colorful nickers and supple coed backside! Then, he brazenly starts stroking his manhood! Stirring awake, small blond Kyleigh is confused, but undeniably horny from seeing Lee's wang. They start fooling around when UH-OH, WIFEY ALERT! Surprisingly, Dylan joins in on the roman orgy, finger-pumping our little vixen, sucking Lee's prick and getting plowed! ya should hear the squeals that come out of this hardcore teeny when Lee lifts her up and bangs her in mid-air!



Posted by Abby | July 31, 2014

Where else would youu go to find a wide babe with a huge appetite? The food court! This spot always produces a chick that is hungry for love-monkey! Samantha's mouth watered at the first site or our cocks! huge love-monkey tube steak servered fiery and fresh: Bone Appétit! See full-length episode at herfirstbigcock.com.

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Posted by Abby | July 27, 2014

We saw Terrill and knew she was dying for our hard black cocks. With just a little coaxing from a few dead presidents she was ready to suck and fuck. Watch as we fuck this white cutie and shoot our loads all over her face. See full-length episode at blackcockswhitesluts.com.

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Posted by Abby | July 21, 2014

I knew if we could get my mom's buddy alone that she would be down for some stunning MILFseeker fornicater. I called her up and she sure wasn't unsure, she had my huge fornicater in her mouth within minutes. This erotic motha I'd love to fuck loved the fornicater so much she screwed us both, then we gave her a red-hot semen shower! What would mom say? See full-length episode at milfseeker.com.

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Posted by Abby | July 16, 2014

A home invasion isn't the only invasion Sophia's going to experience today. After the police come and untie her she pays them back with her FULL cooperation while they perform a full scale bod cavity search where they find some DEEPLY hidden treasure and white gold! See full-length episode at discountrealitysites.com.

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Posted by Abby | July 11, 2014

connect with Brookyln. She is a mate of mine from the O.C. It's Friday and she tells me that she desires to dress up in fetish apparel and play my slave, so I dug out the collar and she was owned. See full-length episode at extremebabes.com.

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Posted by Abby | July 06, 2014

Finally a mother I'd like to fuck who treats our seekers like the little dudez they are. She whipped out that momitude that we luv so much and made sure these males knew exactly what was expected of them and kept them in line. She was bound and determined to teach these males a little respect for their elders and by George, once she was finished with them they earned a new respect for this sizzling mom. do not miss out on this weeks Disciplinary mother I'd like to fuck. See full-length episode at mobilemilfvideos.com.

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Posted by Abby | July 01, 2014

Gilda is dressed like a fireman, but the real fire is between her legs, emanating from her hott, wet beaver. Nick heats her up even further with the friction of his massive poker inside her, working Gilda into an orgasmic frenzy and stimulating her appetite for dick butter! See full-length episode at pinkvisualpad.com.

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Posted by Abby | June 26, 2014

18 year old Molly Bennett has always been one of the popular cuties. She was a cheerleader in high college and dated some of the cutest boys in college, but surprisingly, until she started adult modelling as a career, Molly was practically a virgin. "I'd only had intercourse once before I started have sexual intercourse on cam. It was beautiful awful," she confided to us before we started shooting. "that is probably the biggest reason I loove my job, because I get to be with dudes. I can not stand all the bull-shit that comes with high college boys. Give me a real man any day!" I suddenly find me wishing we had set up a hardcore photo shoot for her, but that is okay. I am certainly not complaining about just getting to see this smoking-hot lil nymphet nudie.

Molly looks absolutely angelic today, with her long golden curls falling over her shoulders and down her chest. Her smile gets double-takes everywhere she goes, and her big blue-gray eyes have a way of sucking ya in, drawing ya all the way into her soul. The outfit she is wearing today is just the cherry on top - a sheer lace nightie with a loose robe that drapes her curvy body. If ya look closely, ya can see Molly's little pink nips peeking through the sheer fabric like a bashful kitten. Molly slowly removes her robe while we snap dozens of seductive photos. She slides the straps of her nightie off of her shoulders and tucks her fingertips inside the fabric of her top. Teasingly, Molly lowers her lace top, exposing a pair of breath-stopping boobies. "Perfection" is the first word that pops into my head. Her ripe balloons are supple and perky, so round and full with perfectly pink little nips that grow hard as shortley as they are freed from the fabric.

Molly finished removing the sheer lingerie, tossing it aside and standing up so we could really get a excellent peek at her superb body. Her creamy smooth skin looks so soft, almost silky and I bet it would taste so sweet on my tongue. I thought her balloons were perfection, but her vag is more than perfection. Is there even a word for "better than wonderful"? Whatever it is, it describes Molly's lil pink love canal to a T. Shaved smooth and so tight. This girlie looks like she is never even been used before, like a porcelain doll kept in her box on a shelf and only brought out to admire and present off to buddies. I can not help but wonder if her tiny vag has really been broken in yet, and suddenly my mind is a jumbled mess of all the things I would do to that sweet piece of heaven between her legs if I had the chance. ya can see so much more of Molly and her tight, superb body at Nubiles.net, bringing ya fresh new cuties every week.



Posted by Abby | June 21, 2014

Like mom, like daughter! Sicily Grim can not wait to fall into her mom's porny footsteps. Nikki Charm is a well-kept super motha I'd love to fuck with a tight bod and kick-butt legs. But Sicily is a taller, younger version of her mom's. These lovely ladies strip down to their seductive underwear, and then drop their tops and bottoms. Since Sicily is only 18, her bod is taut and flawless as can banging be. Mom demonstrates how to really blow a stud as Sicily looks on in wonderment or jealousy! Billy licks both their pussies and assholes vigorously, and now it's time to interracial threesomehardcore threesome break in lil Sicily! Watching that little cunt get speared is the hottest thing ever!

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